Learn, Sell, Succeed with YOUR Insurance Group

YOUR Insurance Group is hiring across the country, so start your career with us today! You don’t have to be an experienced insurance professional; you just have to be motivated and passionate about protecting families.

Our Proven Sales System

Knowing how to properly present in front of a client using our systematic, proven 9 step sales system is the master key to your success. We’ve crafted a tried and true sales system that will preemptively overcome potential objections (“Let me think about it”) before they arise, helping to make your presentation a proactive, prepared, and powerful one. That’s our Proven Sales System, and it works.

Comprehensive Support & Training

From traditional door knocking techniques to scripts and sample videos from some of the industry’s top sales leaders, we’ve got the tools and resources to help you succeed. We offer full annuity sales training, and we can teach you how to transition into an Asset Discoverer to uncover potential Annuity opportunities. These are just some of the ways YOUR Insurance Group can help guide you down the path to success and financial freedom.