Linda Storman

Life & Annuity Producer

I entered the insurance business as a producer selling both life insurance and annuities in 2015.  I am strong believer in continuing education and self-improvement and I have continued my education through Liberty University.

I have worked in various fields in my lifetime which include banking for three years and being an owner of a retail establishment for twenty-three years.  I have over 26 years in business management and sales issues.  My cornerstone belief is that “the client comes first” has always made my business attractive to a broad range of my customers in the surrounding county’s of Citrus County who would visit our business and I would also have customers all over the U.S. who were repeat mail order customers.  I prided my business on customer satisfaction.

I enjoy listening to the needs of my customers and helping them attain what they need.

Office Phone: 352-586-1410